Katla hazard assessment

G. Larsen, K.T. Smith, O. Knudsen, A. Newton (2005) Jökulhlaup til Vestur frá Mýrdalsjökli : Ummerki um forsöguleg hlaup niður Markarfljót. 75-98. Report on Katla floods to west of Mýrdalsjökull to Icelandic Civil Protection Agency (pdf. 1522KB)

Please note, this report is in Icelandic. Please contact me if you would like more information about this work. Almannavarnadeild have very thorough pages with information about hazard assessments at Katla both to the west and south, and have pdf files of all the chapters of the report. They also produced an excellent film (Fræðslumyndin - Katla og Kötluvá) explaining about how people should act in the event of an eruption of Katla. This film and related leaflets are available from Almannavarnadeild in both icelandic (on their website) and in english (by contacting them).