Tephra in Quaternary Science: Eyjafjallajökull 2010

5th to 6th May, 2011

Exciting: I am co-organising a workshop for the new Quaternary Research Association research group Tephra in Quaternary Science, with Prof. Andy Dugmore and Dr. Anthony Newton at the University of Edinburgh. With keynote talks from Thor Thordarson (University of Edinburgh) and Susan Leadbetter (UK Met Office) and a workshop summary from Sue Loughlin (British Geological Survey) and several discussion sessions these should be a really interesting couple of days. Many aspects of tephra to be covered: characterisation of deposits, proximal and distal deposition patterns, dispersal and modelling of tephra transport,.. and of course the Eyjafjallajökull eruptions themselves. Funding comes from INQUA and QRA and this is great because it means there doesn't have to be any registration fee and early career researchers and postgrads can be supported in their attendance. :) Looking forward to some lively discussions, a friendly few days and learning a lot.